Asset Summary

No Asset Stage Location Area Group's working interest Operator Partners Date
awarded/ acquired
PSC expiry
1 Kepala Burung PSC ("Basin PSC") Prod. West Papua, Indonesia 872 km2
60.0% RH Petrogas Pertamina (10%)
PetroChina (30%)
December 2010 October 2020
Kepala Burung PSC ("New Basin PSC")# Prod. West Papua, Indonesia 1,030 km2
70.0% RH Petrogas Pertamina (30%) July 2018 (effective October 2020) October 2040
2 Salawati Kepala Burung PSC ("Island PSC") Prod. West Papua, Indonesia 1,097 km2
(onshore and offshore
33.2% PetroChina and Pertamina Pertamina (50%)
PetroChina (16.8 %)
December 2010 April 2020
Salawati PSC # Prod. West Papua, Indonesia 1,137 km2
(onshore and offshore)
70.0% RH Petrogas Pertamina (30%) July 2018 (effective April 2020) April 2040
3 SK 331 PSC Exp. Sarawak, Malaysia 8,963 km2
40.8%* RHP (Mukah) (80%) Petronas (20%) December 2012 December 2039 (exploration period expires in December 2019)

Prod. = Production
Devt. = Development
Exp. = Exploration

# The PSC will take effect following the expiry of the existing PSC in 2020.

*RHP (Mukah) owns 80% of the working interest in SK331 PSC. RHP (Mukah) is jointly owned by RH Petrogas (51%) and Tumbuh Tiasa Enterprise Sdn Bhd (49%). Thus the Group's effective working interest in SK331 PSC is 40.8%.

BOEPD = Barrels of oil equivalent per day

MMBOE= Million barrels of oil equivalent

# Excluded 27.2 MMBO of 2C resource for Fuyu 1 PSC as the Group has ceased to hold any interest in the project following the disposal of a subsidiary. Please refer to Company’s SGX-ST announcement on 31 October 2019